i really want to 69 with my boyfriend and he is VERY keen to do it too.. i have given him head a few times, and he has eaten me out plenty of times. that's not the issue...
its just, i don't exactly like the idea of him being so close to my bumhole, its okay when he eats me out, cause he's not close to it, but in 69 isnt his like nose heaps close to it? i dont shave down there, only near my pussy, and i am just super duper uncomfortable with him being that close, will it smell or will he accidently lick it? i am so worried about something going wrong. but i want to do it. :(


Calm down, 69 is a good position for you both to receive pleasure about those little things and it’s no different than when he goes down on you, so don’t worry about that stuff and just go for it! x

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