I’m dating a cop, and whenever I’m near him I get so horny. I think its the power struggle we have, his occupation makes him think he’s in charge, whereas I’m just generally a leader. I seriously daydream about the future sex we will have every day. I want him to control me in every way, shape, and form in bed. I want him to control how I cum, when I cum, and what I do. I love being dominated, I just hope he’s the one to do it to me.

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My ex-boyfriend and I drunk hooked up this weekend. Only one other time in our lives, he licked my asshole while he was going down on me. This time, I challenged him to get me off that way since I never had before. Holy fuck, he ate out my pretty little asshole like his life depended on it. He was grunting & sucking & slapping my ass AND he lubed up 2 fingers to stretch me out and make me scream for him. I felt so dirty. I never thought that could turn us on so much. It needs to happen again.

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I wish my girlfriend would fuck other guys! She deserves to enjoy herself to the max!

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Sex with you is out of this world, I’ve never experienced anything close to what we have together. The best sex I’ve ever had without a doubt. I just can’t give you up even though we’re not together any more.

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To the judgy person about spanking: not everyone who likes spanking has “daddy issues” get over yourself . Would be it be fair to call you boring or a prude because you like basic sex?

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A few weeks ago I invited a couple of my guy friends over for a drink (a blonde hair, blue eyes stud & a sexy spanish brunette). After a few hours and a few drinks, I started flirting and making out with both of them, next thing I knew they started grabbing my breasts and fingering me, and so we began taking off each others clothes. Then they let me take turns sucking them, eventually I started riding the blondes dick, while the brunette got behind me, grabbed my hips and started fucking me in the ass. Now everytime I see them I think of that night and our little secret, and how good it felt for both of them to cum in me.

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Last night me and my boyfriend were shopping at garden ridge while flirting and walking around, we strolled off to the pillow isle where we started to kiss. He then turned me around, pulled out his dick, lifted up my shirt, and bent me over the shopping cart and started to fuck me in the middle of the isle. I love how he grabbed my hair and put his hand over my mouth to keep me from moaning out loud. And when we finished I just pulled up my panties, we checked our surroundings, and walked out of the store like nothing ever happened!

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I secretly want a cock so that I can make a female choke and gag on it. I can only get off if I fantasize about sticking my fictional dick into a girl’s throat while she stares into my eyes. I am a female.

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I masturbate so much that I am slowly developing wrist problems.

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She is tall and lanky and moderately endowed and wears sweaters that show off her chest. She plays bari sax and wears a harness that makes her boobs stand out even more. I try not to stare, but I’m sure you could tell that I’m trying to see. Boobs are awesome.

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I absolutely love having sex with my wife, but I want to do so much more with her. I want to share a woman with her, I want to share a man with her, I want to share another couple with her. I want to watch her lick a women’s pussy while I fuck her and I want to watch her get fucked by another man. I want to fuck and be fucked by another man. I want to suck his cock and have him cum in my mouth as she strokes him and squeezes his balls while she talks dirty to me.

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I LOVE black guys. I’m a very pale, curvy blonde girl in my early twenties, and ever since my super hot 6’4 28 year old black coworker seduced me, I’m hooked. Our rendezvous are always the hottest, roughest, and best sex I’ve ever had, we fucked for hours straight every time. Now whenever I see a cute black guy, I wonder how big his cock is, and fantasize about what it’d be like to fuck him. The only drawback is that every cock I’ve had after him just doesn’t measure up…

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My girlfriend just told me that next time I see her, to tie her to my bed posts and stuff my fingers and tongue into every hole on her body. She’ll be home in about an hour, and it’s taking everything in me to keep from stroking my cock in anticipation.

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I miss him so much. Sometimes I just wish he would break through my bedroom window, climb into my bed, rip my clothes off and fuck me like an animal. Out of all the guys I’ve had sex with, he’s made me the most wet, to the point where I have to worry about it dripping on the floor.

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I love giving blow jobs. I am so good at sucking dick.

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