For about a week hes been saying he has a surprise for me, which were hand cuffs. He cuffed both my hands to the bed and said ” You cant stop me this time, I wont stop even if you squirt”. I almost died from how sexual he sounded when he said that, needless to say the best sex I’ve ever had.

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On my boyfriend’s birthday we threw a huge party, I ended up getting hammered and I ate my best friend out for almost an hour, now all I can think about is eating another girls out. The way she moaned, how she tasted, the way she squirted all over my fingers and mouth. I need to do it again and I need to do it soon, just thinking about it gets me wet.

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When I was young, the side of my bed was one thin wall away from the head of my parents’ bed. I still have a hard time making noises during sex or masturbation, and I never know what to say…

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I have three lovers. One is my pet who I will train. Another has an 8 inch cock. The third one is my sweetheart. My ultimate fantasy is to get an air tight seal from them, and the four of us will come at the same time.

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I love sitting in the bath tub, legs on the wall, letting the water from the faucet gush all over my clit. I just did that. When I walked into my room, I felt something running down my thigh. Now I have a wet spot on the floor.

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I want to be fucklicked. You know, having my clit licked while another man is fucking me.

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I just found my g-spot. Hellooooo

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I finally met a girl who really likes me to cum in her mouth, and likes to swallow. Too bad she lives so far away…

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When I lost my virginity I made so much noise that my old housemates still remind me of it every time I see them.

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I just really want a boyfriend that I can call Sir and he’ll call me Miss. I want him to come home from work and fuck me still wearing his work suit. I want him to spank me when I disobey, and reward me when I’ve been a good girl.

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Whenever a boy calls me a good/naughty girl it just turns me on so much, I can’t control myself.

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When I am ovulating I get so horny that I actually hate it. I can have sex 2 -3 times a day, masturbate and still crave more. Every half decent looking guy I see, I think about what his sweat smells like, what he tastes like, how hung he is, and what noises he would make while I ride him.

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I love my girlfriend. We’ll probably end up getting married. But lately, all I want is to have sex with other girls. No emotions. No strings attached. Just rough animalistic sex. I just want to explore; to see what other girls have to offer in bed. I feel like I could honestly be a swinger. My girlfriend has been with other girls, and I would honestly be ok if she wanted to be with another guy. I know she wouldn’t be game for any of this though. I feel like a horrible boyfriend because of it.

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Gay porn turns me on so fucking much and I’m a girl! I can feel my clit pulsing as I watch two guys go at it. It gets me so wet.

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I’ve gone faster and farther with my boyfriend than I have with any other guy - he’s the perfect blend of love and respect, and just wanting to see me writhe underneath him. We’re “going slow”, which for us means that we grind the fuck out of each other instead of actually fucking and that he’s going to try to make me cum without going into my pants - this has resulted in bruised pelvises, a swollen lip, sore breasts, hickeys, and both of us nearly cumming multiple times. Can’t wait for the sex!

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