I want filthy, nasty, wonderfully hot sex with a beautiful woman who is just as into it. I want to lick her juicy, tasty pussy until she explodes all over my face… and then get the same in return.

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I’ve been having sex for a few months now with this gorgeous, sexy as hell guy, which I’ve known from our former school. Next to my ex I’ve never slept with anyone else. He’s my very own version of Christian Grey. We’re sexting, pictures, videos and fantasies like on how he wants to see me get fucked by other guys and how he’d fuck so hard afterwards. Blindfolded and tied up. I know he would never let anyone talk, I trust him. I told him I’ll grant him his wish, so I can get fucked all night long.

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I love how my friend with benefits gets me to do all the things I secretly wanted. Once, he threw a party, we were smoking, drinking and dancing. There was a girl I knew and by the end of the party everyone left but her.I went to bed, he got next to me, she got next to him. Suddenly, I felt her arms reaching for mine and she straddled me. I started kissing him, then she started kissing me. We had an amazing threesome. I’m shy and ladylike, he told me he never had such a boner.

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I love the way he makes my heart beat so fast just by looking at him. He’s my addiction. My secret lover. We fuck when he’s in town and we go all out. He makes me squirt so hard, makes me come just by kissing my neck. He holds on my throat and fucks me so deep it hurts but I always tell him to go harder. I can’t get enough when I’m with him. I want this forever. Him, his fucking sick mind where he wants to gangbang me with 6 other guys. All black, I’m white. We’re the perfect match.

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I’m a 20 year old married woman and my husband and I have not been having sex like we used to. It’s still really amazing, but I need something else! I need more. I feel like I am missing something even though I cum every singe time. What is wrong with me!?

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I tell my wife about the girls and women that I work with. I tell her about their nice tits, pretty faces, great asses, the heels that make me hard, and how I would like to fuck them. These girls and women are different body types and heights. Some have big tits and nothing else going for them. Some are chubby. Others are the anorexic type girls with boy type bodies. Some are pawg types. I tell her this because I want her to become jealous and spank my ass. I hinted at her pissing in my face.

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I’ve always had a few mild peeing fantasies but I’ve never been able to tell anybody about them. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling kind of kinky. I drank a bunch of water until I had to pee. I got naked, put a mirror down on the bottom of the bathtub, squatted and watched myself piss all over it. It was so fucking sexy! I fucked myself right away with a dildo and had a screaming orgasm.

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One of the best orgasms I’ve ever had was when my girl was on her period. She explained to me that her flow was unusually heavy, so that we couldn’t have sex that day. Fortunately for me, when she gets her period, she gets unbelievably horny so her and I started fooling around. We were making out, I was licking her nipples, and grabbing her ass while she bit my neck, sucked my dick, and played with my dick. Out of nowhere she comes back up and whispers into my ear, “What are you thinking about right now?” and i said, “Cumming inside you.” She replied, “Okay,” and got up, took her tampon out, climbed back on top of me, and rode my dick until I blew my entire load inside her as she came too. Her and I sat there for a minute, taking in all of what had happened, realizing that the two of us had just cum together. She sat up and let the cum drip out of her pussy. surprisingly, it wasn’t bloody at all, and she even licked my dick clean afterwards. She isn’t on any type of birth control, which I think makes it hotter for me because there is a risk involved in cumming inside her.

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When I was 15, I wanted to fuck a 40 year old woman. At 20, I wanted her to be 40 to 45. Now that I am 42, I’m thinking of finding a woman 50 to 60 to fuck. I have to keep this from my wife if I ever do get to fuck that older woman. The problem now is, will I be disgusted by the woman, or be ok with it? I’d like to find an older woman to fuck regularly.

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Today I have come to the realization that I’ve never made love. I’ve only ever fucked/been fucked. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but sometimes I just want someone to tell me they love me and kiss me in between thrusts.

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My wife was a virgin when we met. I’m the only guy that she’s been with. I have told her that I wouldn’t mind her fucking another guy as long as I was there. Whether a threesomes, just me watching, doesn’t matter. The guy just has to leave after he cums in her pussy. She can’t have a relationship behind my back.

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Today is a wonderful day. My wife give me as a gift the first panties she bought for me

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My girlfriends tell me they like being stuffed with really big cocks but I’m quite happy with average size. I’ve had two that were pretty big but while they were OK - and no better than that - what I really like is a guy who knows how to use his 6” and can fill me with cum at the same time as I orgasm. I’ve barely fucked two dozen guys and only three of four were what I’d call good at fucking.

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I love tonguing under my boyfriend’s foreskin while he’s flaccid and asleep. I love the taste of his gorgeous cock. It’s so musky!

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I love fucking women but getting down on my knees in a gloryhole booth and sucking some random guy’s cock from limp until he gives me a mouthful of cum always makes me feel good. I love to pop in to one near my office at lunchtimes once or twice a week.

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