I really want my professor to ask me to stay after class and say he needs to talk to me in his office, lock his door and eat me out from behind while holding my mouth so we are not to loud and tell me he can’t take his eyes off of me and he can tell that I want him to. Horny college student

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I want a girlfriend that loves anal. I want to pull her pants down and press my face against her ass and lick her hole until she cums. I want a girl that is way to dirty. A girl that would try pissing on me. I also want 2 take her on nice dates.

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I get off on knowing the slutty fantasies my gf has. Or any girl actually. It makes me want to fulfil the fantasies. The sluttier the better.

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I can only get off with women if I’m thinking of Lady Gaga. I’ve had fantasies about celebrities before, but only her makes me think of the most pornographic things possible. When I’m having vanilla sex with a girl, I’m only staying hard because in my imagination Lady Gaga and I are pornstars defiling each other.

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I want to watch my beautiful girlfriend take cock from all of my mates. I live in university accommodation at the moment with 9 other guys- most of them single. I cant decide whether I prefer the idea of her seducing them all one at a time and fucking them in their rooms one after the other (each in private without the others knowing- each guy thinking he was special) until she’s full of cum, or simply laying her out naked on the communal dining table, and letting them all destroy her at once…

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I want my wife to cheat on me. I want to walk in on her, unplanned, and watch them finish. I want her to get drunk at a party and disappear with someone. I want us to make rules about who’s off limits, and she breaks the rules. I want her to be brazen. I want her to tie me up and fuck her ex-bf in front of me. I want her to kiss a man in front of me, when he doesn’t expect it, then tell him loudly she can do whatever she wants. I want her to force me to watch him eat her pussy.

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I want to get pegged by a hot girl (have her wear a strap-on and fuck me up the ass). I’m straight but I love my ass played with and abused

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I am 21 lost my virginity at 18 and have had sex with 15 different guys and 2 girls.

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I fucked two women in my life. Both of them were sisters.

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Last night, I masturbated to my roommate having sex, with my boyfriend sleeping next to me.

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I fantasise about a guy I work with [who has a wife] while my boyfriend is eating me out, it’s the only way I get off.

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Literally no amount of jacking off can stop me being horny. I’ve jacked off and cum 8 times today, yet someone posts a picture of their ass and here I am, rock hard yet again.

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I secretly hope my ex is off at college getting fucked like a whore. I have no idea why but it turns me on thinking she’s being treated like a slut.

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I really have a thing for men who are older than me. I’m 18 and I’ve been having ‘sessions’ with a 32 year old. We both have fun about it and love fucking, but god my parents would kill me if they found out.

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Slap me and tell me I’m pretty

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