I love it when I’m on top of you and we’re grinding ourselves against each other and I can feel how hard you’re getting beneath me.. when your hands wander from my waist to my chest and all around my back… when you let your head fall back and let out a silent moan when I move in circles on top of you. When you let yourself up to gently kiss my breasts and I hold you close to my body, kissing every part of your neck to your forehead.

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The only reason i miss my ex, is because of the crazy kinda sex we would have. With other men and woman joining us

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My girlfriend has been out of town for almost two weeks now. I can’t wait to be inside her again. I’m aching to bend her over in front of the big bay window in her apartment and take her from behind like we used to do when we first started dating. I especially loved it when the window was open and the people walking by could hear her moaning as I thrust deep inside her and smack her ass. It’s been too long love, I need to hear you moan as I fill you up again.

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I would honestly have sex with any of my friends, male or female. If any of my guy friends asked me to suck them off, I’d do it for sure.

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I just orgasmed by rubbing my clit. Holy shit it was amazing.

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My “Daddy” and I are trying to fuck in as many public places as possible. So far I’ve sucked his cock in a graveyard in broad daylight, behind the mall and in the movie theatre.

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I love being spanked with a belt, whip, flog. When I am lying face down on the bed, just hearing my wife coming to the bed, and the belt buckle jingling makes me hard.

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I spend my working week telling people what to do, but every weekend one of my employees takes me home and uses me however he wishes. If anyone at work suspected he bends me over and fucks me hard, telling me I love it because I’m a dirty bitch before emptying his load down my throat, I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen, but I still end up in his bed every weekend.

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I had a threesome with my roommate. The best part about it was watching him fuck her and then licking all of her off of his dick. I want to be tied up and watch him do filthy things to other girls, then fuck me right after and let me swallow all of it

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I’ve been secretly fucking a guy for months now and nobody we know suspects a thing, even though we hang out all the time. The funny thing is that people think I wouldn’t go for him, but he’s cute, funny and absolutely amazing in bed. All I have to do is think of him fucking me hard and talking dirty to me and I’m wet. But you’d never suspect he could be like that. Goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover…

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When I work late I get really horny. The train station I take home is right before the airport, so usually empty. Just once I want a guy to pull his dick out, lead me away from the station, let me suck him hard, and then have him pound my pussy

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I can’t wait for secrets to be published again so I can cum all over myself, thinking of all of the things that I can’t do.

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I’m so tired of faking, but I love him too much to stop.

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I just wanna be punished. To the point where I have to beg to come.

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I want to fuck my boyfriend in the ass with a strap on…

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